Denis Buchel was born in 1979 in Kishinev, Moldova. Photography he has taken up at the beginning of 2007. Various photos have already been published in Bulgarian and in international editions -  in China, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Taiwan, Izrael, Italy, Spain, the USA, Thailand, Poland and others.

 Since May 2014 he has been a member of the Bulgarian Academy of Photography Yanka Kyurkchieva. In December, 2016, he is a chosen Board member of the organization.

A FIAP member since the beginning of 2015.


February 2014, Sofia, first single exhibition, presenting images from the series Dog's Life, 22 photos

Photo exhibitions, organized by the weekly newspaper "Builder", under the patronage of Sofia municipality:

           - 2014 "Sofia - where building meets history and future", 60 photos

           - 2015 "Sofia - where building above traditions creates future", 60 photos

March 2016, Sofia, single exhibition, presenting images from the Mirrored series, 32 photos

June 2017, Sofia, single exhibition, presenting the White Land series.

Awarded photos:
Charity through the lens, 2016 
awarded grand project 
Heart of a dog Series

  BG Press Photo, 2016 First Place Category - Photo reportage from Bulgaria, single photos PHOTO
  Hamdan International Photography Award, 2015 More than 70 000 photos received Category: General Merit Medal Recipient -> photo PHOTO
Smithsonian photo contest, 2015 More than 46 000 photos received Category: People Finalist PHOTO
  BG Press Photo, 2015 First Place Category - Photojournalism from Bulgaria, series PHOTOS
  "Travel Photographs", 2014, organized by Third place (more than 8000 photos sent) PHOTO
  The Kennel Club Dog Photographer of the Year, 2014 Third Place Category - Man's Best Friend PHOTO
  Professional Photographer of the Year, 2014 Finalist, 2 shortlisted photos PHOTO PHOTO
  BG Press Photo, 2014 Second Place Category - Single Photo PHOTO
  Photo of the Year, Bulgaria, 2014 Finalist, one of the two Category: Art Photography PHOTO
  Photo of the Year, Bulgaria, 2013 Finalist, among the three nominee Category: Reportage PHOTO
  BG Press Photo, 2012 Finalist, 9th Place Category: The people in the news PHOTO
  BG Press Photo, 2013 First place Category: "Arts, traditions and entertainment" PHOTO
  The Open, 2012 Finalist Category: Street Photography PHOTO
  Photo of the Year, Bulgaria, 2012 First Place Category: Reportage PHOTO
  The Spirit of Traditions, 2011 First Place PHOTO
  Kukerlandia, 2010 Special Prize PHOTO